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Hello! Dumbucket here! This is my personal blog. Here I reblog whatever, mostly fandom stuffs. Lately I've been on a Professor Layton and Layton Brothers: Mystery Room kick. I love to chat up peeps, so send me message if you wanna chat! I'll get back to ya ASAP!

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I was inspired.

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invader zim is 13 years old today. invader zim is old enough to have an invader zim phase

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Shakey is my favorite vigilante

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whole lot of bats n sharks.

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I’ve finally beaten pl vs aa, and here are my final thoughts

warning: chock full of spoilers

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attention followers: I’ve beaten Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney and will be posting stuff about it, but all posts will be tagged with pl vs aa spoilers

Carmine has got to be Clive’s distant cousin or something